Achieve A Knockout Body

You don’t have to be built like Rocky Balboa to enjoy the benefits of boxing training. Whilst I don’t have a favourite type of training (as I’m a firm believer that variety is the spice of life), boxing is definitely in the top 3.

Why Boxing?

  1. It’s a fantastic cardiovascular workout. An hour of boxing training can burn 600-800 calories. That’s competitive with any other aerobic activity. But for me, the great thing about it is that boxing basically has a built-in interval setting (for those of you unfamiliar with interval training it’s essentially alternating between periods of intense work that raises your heart rate for a short burst, and lowering it back down as a ‘rest’ period). When I do a boxing workout, I find a 3-minute intense burst is more than enough before I need by couple of minutes break.
  2. Using a variety of punches keeps every fibre of your muscles working consistently, meaning not only will your muscles become stronger and more toned; they will also be much more flexible and versatile than if restricted to a constant, repetitive motion like through weights training.
  3. Many of my clients find it the ultimate stress relief. You can (using the powers of imagination) punch away at your boss… your partner… the driver that cut you up on your way home- all without getting into an actual confrontation!

What to do?

  • Boxing HIIT – Punch as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, take a 30 second breather, compose yourself, then hit that HIIT again!
  • Sparing / Pad work – Train with your PT or a friend. Grab some gloves and pads and spar till your hearts content. One person takes control of the session by holding the pads. Jab, cross, hook and uppercut to go through a full skills workout. Learn and practice punch combinations. Move around to complete the total body workout. I would whole heartedly recommend only trying this with a qualified professional or experienced boxer as there’s a lot more to pad work than just holding pads up and punching them.
  • Heavy bag – Test your strength and power, and relieve some pent-up aggression by knocking the stuffing out of an inanimate object.
  • Air boxing – No equipment necessary. Teach the air who’s boss. Be warned though – the harder you work, the harder you breathe, the more air you expel, the more lessons you have to teach!
  • Skipping – Yes you read this right; boxers love their skipping. Skipping is a total body workout and one of the most efficient calorie burning activities out there. It also helps improve coordination, stamina and core stability.
  • Circuit training – Boxing isn’t just about punching hard and fast. Boxers are in phenomenal physical condition. Raise your game to the next level with circuit training. Select 6-8 full body exercises, complete 10 reps of each back to back without a break. Repeat 3 times with a short 1 or 2-minute break between circuits. Need inspiration for a circuit? We’ve got your back – try this

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