5 exercises you can do using a broom

Life on the road as a Personal Trainer can be tough; Unsociable working hours, traffic jams, favourite Little Mix song coming on the radio just as I pull up to a clients house so I miss it. It’s a journey fraught with obstacles, challenges and sacrifices. You might say it’s a job with 99 problems. Thankfully delivering home based personal training isn’t one.

Bringing a top class personal training to a client in the comfort of their own home is easy! It lends itself perfectly to creative trainers who don’t want to do basic, train by the numbers, workouts. Going to the gym is boring. Using the same equipment in the same ways, only changing orders of exercises or repetitions. Kill me now! Rather, drop me off at a clients house with nothing but a smile and a perfectly healthy appreciation for the lyrical genius of Katy Perry, and I’m right in my wheel house.


Because a good workout can be fun. It can be challenging. And most importantly it can be achievable for anyone, at anytime, in any place, with anything.

I got together with another Solihull Personal Trainer, Rajena (RK Fitness) to show you 5 awesome exercises YOU can do, at home, with something my wife insists is commonly used in housework (whatever that is!).

Here’s 5 exercises you can do with a broom. It’s broomercise (patent pending)…

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