Personal Training

Personal training is the bread and butter of what ‘LiveandWorkout’ offer. In essence- personal training is about empowering clients to achieve their goals. Said goals can differ from person to person and may include;

  • Lose weight
  • Improve fitness
  • Reduce body fat levels
  • Increase strength
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Recover from injury or reduce the risk of injury
  • Increase muscle mass

Sessions can be;

  • Individual. Our trainer works on a one to one basis with a client, with that client being the sole focus of the sessions


  • Train with a partner. Many clients find working out with a partner (spouse/ friend/ other family member…) to be an effective option. It can be a more cost-effective measure as it can split the total cost between 2 people. It can be more challenging as clients can compete with someone else to push them even harder. Or It can simply just be more fun to work out with a partner.


All our personal trainers at ‘LiveandWorkout’ are all fully insured and qualified. They also undergo regular training to continue to add to their skill sets to be the best personal trainer they can possibly be.

We are currently able to offer personal training in the following areas;

Birmingham and Solihull

LaW Personal Training

Hudsons Core Fitness

DNA Unleashed

RK Fitness


Limitless Training Club


PT ProMax

Soopafit PT

The Ultimate Fitness Experience

Horizon Fitness


Go! Strength and Fitness



Leamington Spa

Fitness For Real Life


Jordan Burns PT

Hannah Dyer PT

Hereford and Worcs

KO wobbly bits