Speed and agility: Improve your fitness

What do you picture when you think of fitness? 6 pack abs, muscles for days, protein shakes and heavy weights? Maybe. In fact I bet those images are right up there for most people. The aesthetics of fitness seems to have taken presidence over the reality of fitness. Looking like a greek god or goddess is the measuring stick. That’s great for aspiring bodybuilders and people who live in the gym. Unrealistic and disheartening for the rest of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that bodybuilders aren’t fit in their own way or that you shouldn’t aspire to look as good as you possibly can do. What I’m getting at here is that fitness for aesthetics sake is close minded to the real benefits and purpose of being fit. There are so many other measurements of fitness that are important:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Power
  • Coordination

Of course if you look like a greek god or goddess you will most likely rank highly on at least several of these measurements. But ‘real’ atheletes don’t always look like your prototypical muscle machine – Mo Farah anyone? One of the worlds greatest, Sir Mo doesn’t look like much physically, but you can bet your bottom dollar his numbers would be off the charts for durability, agility, speed and power.

LaW Personal Training has been a mobile personal trainer in Birmingham and Solihull since 2008. He’s happy to divulge some training secrets with a few videos of speed and agility drills he does with clients in the comfort of their own back garden.

“Set out some cones as markers, grab a couple of balls (any size) and play an adapted game of catch. A drill like this is fantastic for speed training, coordination and proprioceptional awareness. Improving your hand eye coordination is a great way of demonstrating improved fitness. To progress, try extending the cone distance so you have further to run- requiring you to run quicker in order to reach the ball in time.”

“Changing direction while on the move is a key aspect of agility training. It requires muscular strength and flexility to stabalise on impact and then explode out in another direction. This is functional and calisthenics training at its best. You might see footballers, tennis players, etc do drills like these. If it’s good enough for the worlds best, it’s good enough for you and I.”

But it’s not just about fitness on it’s own, fitness should be seen as a lifestyle choice. An all encompassing way of life that embraces both hard work and fun. Exercise doesn’t need to be boring and monotonous. It can and should be both challenging and enjoyable. Speed and agility drills are fun (at least I think they are) – especially if you get the family / kids involved. Teach them young to embrace exercise as part of their lifestyle and they’ll be fit and healthy as an adult (or at least more likely to be).

So how do we adapt our mindset to look past the weights in the gym and start incorporating other forms of exercise into our routine? One solution is to hire a Personal Trainer. Mobile Personal Trainers are specialists in outside of the box exercise programmes. They understand the importance that variety and fun has in exercise and won’t just sit you down on a machine and count reps as they check their instagram.

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