DITCH the diet, get REAL results

YOU: “Should I go on a diet to lose weight?”

ME: “No!”

Dieting is a short term solution to a larger problem that can only be properly resolved with a suitable lifestyle change.
To lose weight (and keep it off) you need to assess your lifestyle and decide upon a realistic approach that will enable you to continue indefinitely. Restricting calories one week, losing 5 pounds, then overeating the next (because previous week was too hard to maintain) and gaining 3 pounds back is absolutely the wrong approach. Sure, you’ve had an overall loss, but how long do you think that can last?! If you can’t stick to a successful week, then all you will do is continue to yo-yo and inevitably lose motivation and give up.

The right way for you?

Weight loss essentially comes down to one thing; SUSTAINING a calorie deficit. Eating fewer calories than your body needs to maintain current weight. This will vary from person to person. Check out my ‘Calorie Consumption Calculator‘ to give you a fair idea as to what your calorie requirements should be considering your sex, age, height, weight and activity.
What you eat is of course incredibly important – I will always recommend eating fresh and healthy – but, weight loss, unfortunately, ultimately comes down to calories consumed. By all means enjoy the occasional treat, but stay within your calorie boundaries to hit your goals. Once hit, you’ll notice that you won’t need too much of an adjustment to maintain your new level. No dieting, just a healthy lifestyle that YOU can follow.


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