There’s Snow Circuit Like A Snow Inspired Circuit

It’s snowing!

“Do you want to build a snowman?…”* Ok maybe I’m a bit excitable here, but it’s that special time of the year when holiday planning changes focus from sun, sea and sand to snow, snow and more snow.

To celebrate I’ve outlined a simple training plan to help ensure you’re ready for ski season and your physique is more ice sculpture and less fluffy snowball.


As with all training we do, we must warm up first.  A more skiing specialised warm up should involve plenty of mobility work.  This should include bending, twisting and rotating through all planes of movement.


The focus will be on compound movements (movements and lifts that involve multiple muscle groups working in conjunction with each other). We need to work on balance, core stability and full body strength. As skiing rarely involves using just one muscle group, our workout must reflect that. Perform exercises as part of a circuit. Complete the full number of repetitions for each exercise before moving onto the next. Recovery is 2-3 minutes (or as required) at end of each completed set. 4 sets. No equipment necessary.

Star Jumps – 15

Squats – 15

Push Ups (knees or full) – 15

Leg Scissors – 30

Twisting Lunges – 20

Plank Windmills – 20

Mountain Climbers – 40

Russian Twists – 30


This should can be anything basically anything to lower your heart rate back down to a normal rate, such as jogging or walking. This is essential as during exercise, lactic acid builds up within the muscle fibres. Gradually restoring the body and heart rate to normal helps flush out the toxins and waste products that build up and will help reduce stiffness the next day or two. Again, as with all post training sessions, we should stretch off all muscles groups worked to help with the above and to improve flexibility.

As this workout is considered a full body workout, you should aim to do it 3 times a week. Speed is not important, technique is – so don’t rush. And most importantly… ENJOY!

*The Frozen reference should in no way influence your opinion as to my mental maturity or competency as a personal trainer.