Running Training

LiveandWorkout get a significant number of clients come to us requesting personal training specifically with running as a primary focus. Being able to supply running coaching is an essential part of being a complete mobile personal trainer. Typically, as a breed, the mobile personal trainer prefers training outdoors and embraces the, sometimes challenging, British weather. As such, helping clients with running training can be extremely rewarding and a highly sought after skill that you just get with gym based trainers.

We help runners of all abilities; from complete novices to experienced or competitive runners.

Our Personal Trainers offer:

  • Technique coaching
  • Training programmes tailored for specific goals
  • Ongoing support outside of sessions
  • Guidance to address weakness or imbalances to improve performance

Reasons why a client might want to specifically focus on running training:

  • Training for a specific running event (marathon / half marathon / 10km / fun run)
  • Improve general fitness levels
  • Used to run when younger and looking to get back in shape
  • Always wanted to be able to run, but needs help getting started
  • Recovering from injury and needs help correctly easing back in
  • Experienced runner, but needs help getting to the next performance level