Workout with words

This is a simple and fun workout that works great as a super-fast, 15-minute, squeeze a workout into your busy day session.

ABC – 10 press ups
DEF – 10 burpees
GHI – 10 squats
JKL – 20 lunges
MNO – 20 bikes
PQRS – 10 squat thrusts
YUV – 10 turkish get ups
WXYZ – 20 spidermans

The rules are simple. Every letter in the alphabet has been assigned an exercise. For example, A is 10 press ups, N is 20 bikes, etc. Spell out a name, word or phrase and complete the exercises in that order that spell out said name, word or phrase. If you have extra time and are employing the phrase option, use the spaces as recovery breaks (no more than 60 seconds).

Some ideas if you need inspiration

  • Your name
  • Days of the week
  • Job title
  • Favourite film or TV show
  • Pets name
  • Open a book or newspaper and use the first full sentence you read
  • Make up a funny word or phrase (think Mary Poppins)
  • ….

ABC – Press Ups

DEF – Burpees

GHI – Squats

JKL – Lunges

MNO – Bikes

PQRS – Squat Thrusts

TUV – Turkish Get Ups

WXYZ – Spidermans

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