5 exercises you can do using a broom

Life on the road as a Personal Trainer can be tough; Unsociable working hours, traffic jams, favourite Little Mix song coming on the radio just as I pull up to a clients house so I miss it. It’s a journey fraught with obstacles, challenges and sacrifices. You might say it’s a job with 99 problems. Thankfully delivering home based personal training isn’t one.

Bringing a top class personal training to a client in the comfort of their own home is easy! It lends itself perfectly to creative trainers who don’t want to do basic, train by the numbers, workouts. Going to the gym is boring. Using the same equipment in the same ways, only changing orders of exercises or repetitions. Kill me now! Rather, drop me off at a clients house with nothing but a smile and a perfectly healthy appreciation for the lyrical genius of Katy Perry, and I’m right in my wheel house.


Because a good workout can be fun. It can be challenging. And most importantly it can be achievable for anyone, at anytime, in any place, with anything.

I got together with our Solihull Personal Trainer, Rajena (RK Fitness) to show you 5 awesome exercises YOU can do, at home, with something my wife insists is commonly used in housework (whatever that is!).

Here’s 5 exercises you can do with a broom. It’s broomercise (patent pending)…


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Speed and agility: Improve your fitness

What do you picture when you think of fitness? 6 pack abs, muscles for days, protein shakes and heavy weights? Maybe. In fact I bet those images are right up there for most people. The aesthetics of fitness seems to have taken presidence over the reality of fitness. Looking like a greek god or goddess is the measuring stick. That’s great for aspiring bodybuilders and people who live in the gym. Unrealistic and disheartening for the rest of us.

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‘Back To School’ ‘Back To Training’ Bodyweight Circuit

Let’s take a moment to fully appreciate the significance of this week. Take a breath and compose yourself.  School starts back again this week! Yeeeesssss… finally! I can hear a mixture of euphoria and mass sighs of relief. Yes yes I know you love your kids and all the time you spend together is precious. But, 6 weeks plus is a long time hearing “I’m bored”, “What’s for lunch”, “What’s for dinner”, “I’m hungry”. True I don’t have children yet, so my understanding of their behaviour is based largely on animal planet and viewing them as pack animals that need to be taken care of until the day they grow up, overthrow the alpha, start their own pack, and the process repeats. Anyway, schools back and life returns to it’s status quo (along with vengence seeking rush hour traffic). And as the kids return to school, so too must you return to fitness and exercise. No longer are holidays and kids activities excuses to slack off or avoid your workout. It’s time to look after yourselves again. And Jordan Burns PT has just the circuit to get you back into the swing of things.

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Beginner Bodyweight Circuit: Off The Sofa Fitness

Everyone has to start somewhere. Every professional was once an amateur. Every expert once a beginner. Clichés for sure, but that doesn’t make them any less true. I think they’re particularly pertinent when considering exercise. I often hear words like; “I’d love to start running, but I’m rubbish”. The majority of us like to do things we’re good at and find it demotivating if we aren’t perfect first time. When it comes to exercise- leave your ego at the door. It really doesn’t matter what level you perceive yourself to be; expert, beginner or anything inbetween. Work to YOUR ability. Push yourself as hard as YOU can. Achieve results for you. We all start somewhere. This could be your start line…

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Pack a workout into your summer holiday

EASY demonstrated by Hudsons Core Fitness – Upright Rows / Supported Squat Thrusts / Elevated Knee Push Ups / Lunges / Reverse Ab Crunches
HARD demonstrated by LaW Personal Training – Frontal Raises / Advanced Squat Thrusts / Decline Push Ups / Overhead Lunges / Double Leg Raises

Summer is here! Yay that glorious time of year when the sun hides from the onslaught of school free kids and the only way to find it is to get on a plane and journey to exotic lands. You’ve starved yourself for the last 2 weeks preparing your beach bod and it’s time to show the world (and facebook) how great you look in your swimwear. You’ve worked hard, you deserve a break. You deserve to relax by the pool, to drink cocktails in the moonlight and to speak extra slow, shouted English so the bar staff can understand your order. You deserve it, you’re earned this break. But, that doesn’t mean you have to take a step back from your fitness goals. Not at all in fact.

I recently met up with our Solihull based personal trainer, Dan Hudson (Hudsons Core Fitness) and we devised this simple and effective holiday workout for those spare 15 minutes you have a day to help keep your fitness regime ticking over while away. We call it the suitcase hotel workout (name subject to change if we can think of something better). All you need is a suitcase and a small area of space -like your hotel room.

The workout is made up of 5 exercises. Complete 5 reps of each exercise back to back, take 30 seconds recovery and repeat 4-5 times. You will notice on the video that we have provided ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ options. Pick the appropriate exercise for your ability level (mix and match if necessary). And the best part is, as the holiday progresses it gets increasingly easier! Does the suitcase get lighter, or do you get stronger? Stronger obviously says the glass half full advocates.

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