Personal Trainer in Central London (SE1, NW1, N1) and surrounding areas. Bringing all your health and fitness needs to the comfort of your own home or local park. Fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer with a genuine desire to help clients of all ability levels learn to live healthier, fitter and happier lives. No matter what your goal, Victor will help motivate you to achieve it and maybe even take you further than you imagined you could go.


Call: 07497 631960

Instagram: @shango2034

I am a PT because I wanted to turn my passion into my job. I enjoy working out and being active and I was often asked for workout advice by people in the gym (even when they were being trained by their own PT’s), so I decided to take the plunge and do it for real.

Victor is a compassionate, results driven personal trainer. He encourages his clients to think about both long term and short-term goals – not simply focusing on one thing like a holiday, wedding or special event.

I want to ensure goals are not only achievable for clients of all abilities. I help to motivate my clients into maintaining healthy habits for life.

 As a personal fitness professional, Victor is focused upon helping clients by providing a thorough, full body workout that will leave you sweating and smiling in equal measure. On top of that, he helps you examine your lifestyle choices and nutrition to ensure you are getting the most out of training with one of the most dedicated and hard working Personal Trainers London has to offer. All sessions are tailor made for each individual client for consistent progress and fun, manageable workouts that will keep you coming back for more.


Take advantage of Victors various packages that are designed to help even the busiest people fit fitness into their life.

Work That Body                              

36 x 60 min sessions                       £1,440

24 x 60 min sessions                       £1,080

12 x 60 min session                         £600

6 x 60 min session                            £330

1 x 60 min session                           £60

Time savers

12 x 30 min sessions                       £360

6 x 30 min sessions                         £180

1 x 30 min session                           £30

Mates rates

Do you want to work out with a friend, colleague or gym buddy?

2 persons 60 min session              £30 each

3 persons 60 min session              £25 each

(Sessions subject to time constraints. Options to pay instalments)


Victor Adam PT is a self-employed personal training fitness professional. He is not employed by

As such, all fees are made payable to Victor Adam PT directly.