Special Offers


For a limited time only PT ProMax is offering new clients the chance to receive a free 1 hour taster personal training session*


Check out the above body transformation PT ProMax himself went through earlier this year. How’s that for leading by example?! Living proof his methods work and can be adapted for clients of all ability levels.

Simon is one of the most approachable personal trainers we have and having been through weight issues himself, he genuinely knows how clients feel and is able to relate in a way few other personal trainers can.

PT ProMax specialises in body transformations and weight management, but is highly experienced in working with a whole host of clients to achieve any and all client goals.


For your chance to receive a free 1 hour personal training session with PT ProMax, please complete the following contact details form and we will be in touch.



*potential clients must live within 30 minutes of Stratford, London. Any medical conditions that might affect the training session should be discussed with Simon beforehand and a doctors note may be requested if necessary. Spaces are limited.