Nutrition is a massive part of healthy living. In fact, there are plenty who would argue it’s the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. For most of us, unfortunately, it’s also the most difficult. The personal trainers and wellness coaches at ‘LiveandWorkout’ recognise this. Helping clients with nutritional advice and support is a key part of our skill set.

Your personal trainer or wellness coach may offer the following nutritional services;

  • Examine your food diary to detect weaknesses or areas to improve upon. This may include recommending clients reduce or increase specific types of food, and/ or suggesting alternatives or additions to client’s food intake.
  • Offer advice on food consumption quantity and regularity.
  • Helping clients with exciting new food recipes to spice up and improve diet.
  • Support and encourage ways to help reduce the negative impact of vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

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We also have a dedicated wellness coach, who specialises in eating disorders and recovery. For more details click here