5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

  1. You’re eating too much. I know I know I’m stating the blindingly obvious right off the bat, but obvious for a reason. Occum’s razor states that when presented with multiple theories the simplest is the best and most likely. Your body requires food to operate. In order to function properly you need to eat. But, there is a limit as to how much food your body requires. Put simply; if you lead a sedentary lifestyle with the only activity being moving from your desk to the sofa your calorie requirements will be significantly less than someone who cycles to work and goes to the gym 3 times a week. If you are eating too much, you won’t lose weight. The National Health Service recommends daily calorie intake to be 2000 calories for women, and 2500 for men to maintain their weight.

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Eating moderately well is good for you, actually

Nutrition awareness has improved dramatically in recent years. We are bombarded with healthy recipes from celebrity chefs. Every man and his dog tells us, on a daily basis, to cook and eat fresh. We all know by now what we should and shouldn’t eat. Right? But do we listen and put it into practice? Read more

Women and Weights

If I had a pound every time I heard “I’m a woman, I don’t want to lift weights cos I don’t want to get bulky muscles” (or words to that effect) I’d be writing this blog sat on a sunny beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail with a crazy straw and an outrageous amount of fruit, singing ‘time of my life’ until a concerned citizen comes over to save the dying cat they think they can hear… Or I’d at least have considerably more money.

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How to avoid the dreaded plateau

You’ve been training for a few months now and it’s been going great. That is until the last couple of weeks. Recently you’ve noticed the scales are not giving you the positive reinforcement you’ve become accustomed to. Runkeeper hasn’t congratulated you on breaking another time or distance record. Maybe your food reward days are becoming more tempting and frequent. Frustrating? Yes. Time to give up and accept the new status quo? Hell no!

Here’s 5 ways to get you back on track:

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