Limitless Training Club

Limitless Training Club is a new-generation gym based at Kettering Rugby Football Club. They focus on functional training and sports performance. Through their perfectly crafted motivation and knowledge support systems, you can’t fail to reach all your fitness goals. Head Personal Trainer, Dwayne and his team offer a combination of personal training and fitness classes with over 20 group training session per week.

“I always begin with a comprehensive consultation, carefully considering where each client is coming from and where they want to go. As a result- programmes are perfectly tailored and never look the same.  Kettlebells, Boxercise and circuit-training are among some of my tried and tested methods. Or for a more social fitness experience- join our regular bootcamp classes!”

Far from being your stereotypical military man; Dwayne’s friendly approach adds to his rich and diverse experience in leadership and passion for fitness.  He understands that life can so easily get in the way. Work commitments and family commitments all play a part. To combat this, Dwayne uses a specific combination of focussed fitness training with advanced nutritional knowledge to help you burn fat and get fit… Fast. Efficient fitness is the name of the game.

“My passion for fitness began at a very young age as a footballer and athlete in his native country Grenada in the Caribbean. My life then took a sharp turn and I ended up serving as a Combat Engineer and Bomb Disposal Operator for 13 years in the British armed forces, and was even nominated for a coveted award in bravery for the safe disposal of several unexploded WW2 bombs!”

Limitless Training Club offers the following services;

Dwayne is fully qualified, insured and First Aid trained. He holds a qualification in EpiPen treatment for those at risk of severe allergic reactions.

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