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“I’ve been working in the health and fitness industry since 2008 as a home specialist Personal Trainer, and advertising fellow PTs online since 2011. In that time, I’ve had huge successes and made my fair share of mistakes. Mistakes I’ve learned from. One of the biggest lessons was realising that the best Personal Trainers aren’t necessarily the most successful. Just because you are able to deliver fantastic personal training sessions, that doesn’t always translate to making money. Unfortunately, delivering top quality training sessions isn’t enough anymore. It’s a well-publicised and accepted statistic that 80% of PTs leave the industry within 2 years. To be successful you need to stand out. You need to be visible. Live and Workout can’t make you the best PT (that’s down to you I’m afraid), but we can make sure you are visible!”

                                                   – Darran Law, Founder

What we do for your personal trainer career

  • Create an exclusive profile advertising YOUR business so clients can contact you directly
  • Share your social media exploits
  • Join a website that will rank highly on google for home specific personal training in your region searches
  • Paid adverts on facebook and google adwords
  • Monthly report of page views specific to your business and region
  • Become a recommended home specialist Personal Trainer
  • No more than 5 active Personal Trainers in your area

What we need from you

  • Completed profile builder template
  • Confirmation of your website and/ or social media pages you wish to link
  • Areas you can cover
  • Prices and/ or packages you offer
  • At least 1 photo of you
  • Proof of public liability insurance
  • Proof of qualifications
Other useful, but non-essential items
  • Additional photo(s) of yourself with or without clients
  • Client progress photo(s)
  • Client testimonial(s)
  • Workout video(s)/ clips
  • Business logo


Personal Trainer Testimonials
Dwayne, Limitless Training Club

“Hello, I’m Dwayne Paul, and in June 2016 I completed my service in British Army at 12 year. For my resettlement I completed my level 2 Gym instructor and level 3 personal training and my plan was to start my new career in personal training, a good mate also ex military recommended I Speak to Darran Law, who at the time was a partner in a franchise business called At Home Fitness, within the space of a week I arranged a meeting with Darran and had my company set up and running successfully in central London.

After 5 months I moved from London to Kettering, Northamptonshire and I was lucky enough to open my own gym and Darran open his own company LiveandWorkout. But still to this day I  can’t thank Darren enough for helping me advertise my business and putting on his website. He is always on the end of the phone giving me advice when needed, a top mentor and a very good businessman who always ready to help when need he is part of the reason am running a successful sports performance Gym. Highly recommended if looking for a PT mentor, and Business advisor. Thanks Darran”

Rajena, RK Fitness

“In the short period I have worked with Darran I have found that he is a very proficient personal trainer and a great mentor. He has helped me greatly and has given me the confidence to showcase my skills on a wider platform.  Working with Darran has also given me leads to new clients whom I now work with regularly. With his support I am now able to build a bigger network of clients and really push my business.  He has immense knowledge of the fitness industry and knows how to help freelance trainers to grow their business using his website and social media platforms.  I would highly recommend partnering with Darran to reap the benefits of your own business/ fitness goals.” 

Become a Personal Trainer

Not qualified yet and looking to start your personal trainer career? LiveandWorkout exclusively recommends ASG Fitness Solutions for level 3 personal training courses. As well as a variety of CPD training courses for anyone already qualified, but looking to expand their skill set.ASG Logo