Level 3 qualified and insured Personal Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Expert in Milton Keynes. Bringing at home personal training to the comfort of client’s homes in Milton Keynes in addition to Bedford and Buckinghamshire. Tailor-made Personal Training programmes and sessions designed specifically to help clients of all ages and abilities reach their goals.

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Email: jh-paynefitness@hotmail.com

Website: www.jh-paynefitness.com

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“I specialise in providing fat loss results for my clients through at home and outdoor Personal Training sessions using a vast array of fitness equipment. I provide a variety of different session styles including circuit training, kettlebell training and gym equipment based exercise sessions. All of which are fun, unique and stimulating.”

Jamie Harrison-Payne is a fat loss expert. Sounds simple and straight forward…because it is. Jamie is a highly motivated and dedicated personal trainer whose skill set is focused towards (but not limited to) helping clients effectively burn fat and get in the best shape of their lives. Fat loss is not to be confused with weight loss. Yes, in many cases Jamie’s clients lose weight, but stepping on scales and having them smile back at you is not the primary focus hence decreasing body fat percentage is much more important to creating a healthy and fit body and lifestyle.

What can fat loss Personal Training expert JH-Payne Fitness do for you?

  • Build muscle
  • Improve strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve endurance levels of fitness
  • Reduce negative health risks associated with high body fat

Jamie is the type of Personal Trainer who leads by example. He rightfully takes great pride in the fact that for the last decade he has dedicated a big part of his life to fulfilling his own fitness goals, as well as those of clients. Having spent the last 5 years working in the health and fitness industry, he took the natural progression to personal training like a duck to water. As a personal training professional, his enthusiasm for health and fitness shines through in everything he does. Jamie loves being fit and healthy, and furthermore having the opportunity to help clients share his passion for fitness.

There isn’t just one rule to being fit and therefore neither is there just one absolute way of attaining it. Thankfully this is where Jamie really flourishes as a PT. He wants clients to enjoy his sessions rather than dread them. He knows that if you are enjoying it you are more likely to continue doing it. Long term results are about building momentum – consistently hitting your short-term goals and continuing to move forward. You probably won’t do that if you are bored. Jamie’s sessions are anything but boring!

“FIRST OF ALL, When it comes to my approach to Personal Training and fitness, it’s simple; I want to make working out more enjoyable AND LESS OF a struggle. It should empower you, make you proud to achieve your goals, to look better, feel better, to get stronger and consequently lead a confident lifestyle.”

Personal Training


Boxing Fitness


Running Training

Fat Loss


Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas (Milton Keynes and furthermore Bedford)

Prices and Packages

This is an easy and flexible option which is payable via Direct Debit.

​This option includes an initial consultation, nutritional advisory service, fully personalised programme, Regular Body Stat Analysis and 24/7 Advice and Support

1 session per week: £152 per month (£34.99 per session)​

2 sessions per week: £278 per month (£31.99 per session)​

3 sessions per week: £390 per month (£29.99 per session)


£350 (£35 per session)

10 1/hr sessions

Free consultation

Personalised Programme Design

Initial Fitness and Muscular/Postural Imbalance Assessment

Nutritional Advisory Service

Initial Diet and Nutrition Assessment

Regular Body Stat Analysis

24/7 Advice and Support 


£500 (£25 per session)

20 1/hr Sessions


Free consultation

Personalised Programme Design

Initial Fitness and Muscular/Postural Imbalance Assessment

Nutritional Advisory Service

Initial Diet and Nutrition Assessment

FREE Nutritional Diet Guide

Regular Body Stat Analysis

24/7 Advice and Support

1 FREE session upon completion of your 20th session

Food Shopping Trip (to educate you on supermarket labelling and how to shop healthier) *optional


10 1/hr sessions

£400 (£40 per session)

Train with a friend and consequently split the cost of my group training package. Maximum of 2 people. Inc. Free consultation, nutritional advisory service, regular body stat analysis and 24/7 advice and support.

All our Personal Trainers are fully qualified and furthermore insured.

Finally, all the Personal Trainers represented on www.liveandworkout.co.uk are self-employed. They are therefore not employees of Live and Workout Ltd. As a result, all fees are made payable directly to them, and as such prices will vary depending upon the trainer