Mobile Personal Training team, bringing the gym to you with home specialist and online Personal Training across West and Central Birmingham. Bodybuilders, helping you build your body the way you want to look.

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“I live and breathe fitness! My job is my passion. I love to help others AND couldn’t have chosen a better, more rewarding career as a mobile Personal Trainer. also, I provide online coaching under the business name ‘Glamour Hammer’ – helping many clients across the UK New York, Belgium and Canada to name a few.” – Meme
“I love helping people achieve goals, seeing people grow in confidence and changing people’s lives in a positive way. I’m very good at understanding and helping people. I have a lot of patience and am willing to help anyone, size, shape or age….it does not matter. I’m a motivating, positive, full of energy individual.” – Richie

Meet Meme and Richie, a figurative and literal powerhouse bodybuilders and Personal Training couple with a combination of seven years-experience working as Personal Trainers. As you can plainly see, both Meme and Richie are competitive bodybuilders – pursuing their passion and devotion to health and fitness. As self-confessed fitness addicts, they live and breathe health and fitness. They lead by example, as true sources of inspiration for fans and clients alike. And that’s exactly what they seek to be… an inspiration. As true believers in fitness, with a ‘fitness for all’ mentality, they are very aware that clients have their own health and fitness goals and aspirations. Being fit and healthy means something fresh and different to each individual.

“I am a competitive bodybuilder because this is my dream. I understand not every lady wants muscles, and that is just fine. I’m only here to help you become the best version of yourself.” – Meme

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Getting in shape can be an intimidating process. It’s hard work! Something Meme and Richie are all too familiar with. They know the trials. They know the tribulations. You’ll have to search long and hard to find a more understanding couple. You’ll have to search even harder to find two more dedicated Personal Trainers better suited to helping you achieve your goals.

“Healthy nutrition is my main priority when it comes to getting results. We can all train for one hour a day, but the hardest part is what you are putting inside your body for the other 23 hours.” – Meme


  • NVQ Level 2 Exercise and Fitness
  • NVQ Level 3 Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Training programme design
  • Muscle Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Confidence Programmes-Restoring a healthy relationship with food
  • Smethwick
  • Harborne
  • Quinton
  • Cape Hill
  • Edgbaston
  • Birmingham City Centre
  • Bordsley Green
  • Erdington

£45 per session  (1 hour)

•Block bookings (paid upfront):

6 sessions £210 (£35 per session)
10 sessions £300 (£30 per session)
12 sessions £336 (£28 per session)

•Buddy packages (Paid upfront)
2 persons eg partner/friend/relative

£70 per session (1 hour) £35 per person

6 sessions £420 (£35 per person/per session)
10 sessions £700 (£35 per person/per session)
12 sessions £768 (£32 per person/per session)

•Group training
3/4 persons

£60 per session (1 hour)
Price split between participants

•Specialised Diet Plans
8 week diet plan
Includes coaching, continuous support, weekly check in’s, measurements, body fat (taken with callipers) posture analysis and weight.

•Specialised Structured Training Programmes
At request, as each individual has different variables.

*Any client living more than 4 miles from Smethwick, will incur a further £5 for mileage charges


All our Personal Trainers are fully qualified and furthermore insured.

Finally, all the Personal Trainers represented on are self-employed. They are therefore not employees of Live and Workout Ltd. As a result, all fees are made payable directly to them, and as such prices will vary depending upon the trainer.