Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness is a weight loss specialist Personal Trainer in London. Train with Bhavin in his private gym in Regent Street, or take advantage of his mobile service. The gym isn’t for everyone. Bhavin appreciates this. To help the ‘gymophobs’, Bhavin offers mobile Personal Training in Central London (W1) and North London. As a mobile Personal Trainer, Bhavin is able to bring the best parts of a gym experience to the comfort of your own home. He brings all the exercise equipment you need to give you a total full body workout that will leave you breathless (in a good way!).

To discuss availability and to book your home based personal training specialist- call now on 07864859210 or email us at liveandworkout@gmail.com

Bhavin is not your typical, generic, run of the mill Personal Trainer. Not in the slightest. Bhavin’s an inspiration. An optimist. A leader by example. Horizon Fitness is built on the principle that everyone can be fit and healthy. Everyone can achieve their goals. Everyone can be embrace fitness – they just might need to be shown the way.

7 years ago, Bhavin was far from the fitness enthusiast he is now. He was overweight and unhealthy (see before and after photos above)- Something I know many of our clients can associate with. Fortunately, he sought knowledge. Knowledge to improve his nutrition and knowledge to improve his fitness. It was this thirst for self-improvement that led to his passion for health and fitness and started his journey to becoming a Personal Trainer and role model to clients. Bhavin has been through the struggles with being unfit and overweight. He understands the trials and pitfalls. He believes that if he can come out the other side, so can everyone.


Level 3 Personal Training

level 4 Obesity and Diabetes

Exercise referral

Functional Training, Bodyweight and Endurance Training

Running Training

Circuit Training

Boxing Fitness

TRX Suspension Training

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – 30 mins



£45 for individual sessions

£450 for 12 session progressive training programme with nutrition plan

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