Female Personal Trainer specialising in online Personal Training and home Personal Training for clients looking to get the most out of life. Holly provides the very best home workouts that will help you achieve any, and all goals. For mobile Personal Training, FitToLift covers Chelmsford and the surrounding area of Essex as well as selected areas of London.

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Want to lose weight? Holly provides dedicated fat loss training to burn calories in a fun and efficient manner. Weight loss isn’t just about training hard in your workouts. Abs are made in the kitchen. Holly is all too aware of this and offers nutritional guidance based on individual client’s lifestyles and goals.

Training for a sporting event or want to improve fitness? Holly offers fully tailored training programmes to help clients of all ages and abilities work towards their goals. Whether you want to do your first 5km fun run (surely an oxymoron, right?!), train for a marathon, get in shape for volleyball, or simply be able to run around after the kids without blowing a gasket, Holly can get you there.

Lack motivation to exercise? Don’t let her young age fool you, Holly is one of the most highly driven and motivational individuals you are ever likely to be privileged to meet. She’ll inspire you to push yourself and enjoy it with a variety of exercises designed with your preferences and goals in mind.

Trying to increase muscle mass and bulk up? Yes, you’ve guessed it, Holly is fully versed and experienced in working with clients to promote muscle gain, improve strength and fitness through training and nutritional guidance.

Hoping to… You know the drill by now. It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal, Holly is passionate and determined to help you achieve your fitness dreams and lead the lifestyle that you desire.

 “Sports has always been a large passion of mine since I was young, and that developed in to a love of pushing myself to stay fit and healthy in the gym. After years of implementing different programmes for myself such as cardiovascular training for a half marathon, power and speed drills for volleyball, strength and muscle building and reverse dieting, I decided I wanted my passion to extend to a career. I get a lot of joy from guiding clients to their goals, and sharing with them all the knowledge I’ve gained from my courses, experience and personal research in to the scientific basis behind training.”

Did you know Holly is currently studying for a degree in medical science with aspirations of becoming a doctor?! I’m not sure which is heavier, the weights she lifts, or the books!

“Exercise physiology links beautifully to what I do, and understanding how and why our body responds to training really develops my ability to implement the most suitable training. I enjoy personal development, and research in to areas of interest such as new training studies, metabolic studies, and further medical developments.”


Bootcamp style training, boxing for fitness.

Programmes targeting strength and muscle gain, weight loss, flexibility and general fitness

Nutritional guidance including bulking, cutting, reverse dieting, meal plans and healthy eating guidance

Resistance band work, both indoor and outdoor training and group sessions


Pricing starts at £35 an hour, with package deals of 10 sessions starting at £300.



Now and Then client progress photos. Pictures taken at 8 week intervals. Photo on left is NOW for each profile, on the RIGHT is 8 weeks prior. Results achieved through training and nutrition guidance. Client is actually eating 700 calories more each day on the left side!

”I have not been with Holly for long, but so far the services she offers is superb. Holly always goes the extra mile to ensure that I’m happy with the programmes, goals and services that she provides. If I have any queries, Holly responds hastily with great effort and understanding. I highly recommend the services Holly offers. Holly is my inspiration and motivational figure, I couldn’t recommend her more!”


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