Dudley Road Netball Club

Every Wednesday, 6pm @ Bartley Green School (for girls aged 12-15)

Join us for 30 minutes of bootcamp fitness at 6pm, followed by skills and tactics at 6:30pm.


Dudley Road Girls Netball Club offers so much more than your usual run of the mill netball sessions. The world of sports performance is always growing and improving. So too must coaching. At Dudley Road Netball, we don’t ignore the importance of health and fitness, we embrace it. We start every session with fitness training before moving into technical and tactical netball training. As with all sports nowadays, being fitter than your opponent gives you a huge advantage over them.


But, it’s not all about netball. It’s also important to recognise the positive impact being fit and healthy has on daily life, both physically and mentally. We want to help our girls become better netball players, as well as helping them enjoy being fit and active to promote a healthy lifestyle that they will hopefully continue throughout their life.

New members are always welcome. Call Cordelia on 07919508868 for further info or to arrange coming along for a taster session.

Or to visit their official website CLICK HERE.